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Improve the air quality of your home with a Mechanical Ventilation system from Passive House Systems.

At Passive House Systems, we offer a wide range of Heat Recovery Ventilation units (HRV), Mechanical Extract Units (MEV) and Demand Control Ventilation units (DCV), along with all the components you will need to complete your system.

Over the past decade there has been an increased demand on builders, architects and engineers to improve the thermal efficiency of our homes. Making them draught free and well insulated. This could lead to poor air quality and can significantly increase the effects of asthma and other respiratory problems, condensation, mould growth, unpleasant smells and a build-up of toxic gases.

Our products are designed to create a proper air circulation, and thus improve indoor living conditions. An efficient and reliable ventilation system can enhance the quality of air, reducing the number of spores, pollen and humidity. Such a solution is therefore vital in rooms like bathrooms or kitchens. It also prevents mould growth on walls, floors and ceilings. All of these factors contribute to the creation of comfortable and healthy indoor climate. Thanks to clean and fresh ambient air residents can avoid headaches, allergies or problems with asthma.

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Heat Recovery 

Single Room Heat Recovery - The Perfect Retrofit Solution

Single Room Heat Recovery 




Benefits of Mechanical VEntilation

Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Continuously supply fresh, clean air into your home throughout the day and night.

Maintenance friendly

Thanks to simplicity in design, our ventilation systems are also particularly maintenance-friendly

Energy Efficiency

Save energy by reducing the power consumed by power-hungry heating or cooling systems.

Stop Condensation

Ensuring your company or organisation has good ventilation systems in place will help reduce the risk of ventilation.